Marianne Bernadotte, Founder

The driving force in the creation of the Foundation has been Marianne Bernadotte, Countess of Wisborg, born in Helsingborg, Sweden, and the widow of Prince Sigvard Bernadotte. After attending the school of The Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm, she became an actress at the same theater for the following ten years. Marianne Bernadotte also completed her exams in Arts and Sciences at Stockholm University. Her interest in medicine began more than 25 years ago when she became involved with the development of an advanced wheel chair, the Permobile, made for the seriously handicapped. Her long dedication to improving visual impairment problems in children emerged from a special interest in dyslexia.

Marianne Bernadotte is the honorary chairman of Technical Aids for the Handicapped, the honorary chairman of The Swedish Dyslexia Foundation and the honorary president of The International Rodin Remediation Academy. She is the recipient of the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award and has been honored at Harvard Medical School. In 1998, Marianne Bernadotte was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Medicine by the distinguished Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

Officers and Directors:

Marianne Bernadotte Founder  
Peter W. Williams, Esq. President 
Karl G. Andrén Chairman Emeritus 
Marianna J. Baker Chair, Event Committee
John T. Flynn, MD Co-Chair, Medical Advisory and Awards Committee 
Marilyn Miller, MD Co-Chair, Medical Advisory and Awards Committee 
Dr. Torsten N. Wiesel  Chairman Emeritus, Medical Advisory and Awards Committee, Nobel Laureate in Medicine or Physiology 
Howard L. Clark, Jr. Vice Chairman Emeritus   
Lester S. Garfinkel Treasurer
Louise Andrén Assistant Treasurer
P. Whitridge Williams, Jr. Esq. Secretary
Evan Malik  Director
Kenneth R. Norgan Director
Kathy Spahn Director

 Medical Advisory and Awards Committee:

Dr. John T. Flynn Co-Chair
Marilyn Miller, MD Co-Chair
Dr. Torsten N. Wiesel Chairman Emeritus
Dr. Gerd Hölmstrom
Dr. Gunnar Lennerstrand

Emeritus Members of the Board of Directors and Medical Advisory and Awards Committee:

David Dangoor
Brian D. Fix, Esq   
Lars Forsberg, Esq. 
Dr. Carl Kupfer
Robert Lebuhn    
Danielle G. Luyten
Claes von Post
Lady Blanka Rosenstiel  
Marie Stanley
Ann Stern
Olle Wijkstrom 
Dr. Adam Zayan